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Learning pathways include online courses (e-learning), course resources (slides, worksheets, etc.), toolkits (guides, templates, checklists, tutorials), and expert advice (Ask Me Anything sessions, Equinet insider community).

DME pathway

Digital Marketing Essentials

This learning pathway brings you the essentials of digital marketing in a comprehensive, bite-sized, easy to digest way. It serves as a much-needed beacon to guide you on the first steps of your digital marketing learning journey.

DMS Pathway

Digital Marketing Strategy

Embark on this learning pathway where you will learn how to develop and implement successful digital marketing strategies and maximise return on investment.
DCM Pathway

Digital Content Marketing

This learning pathway will dive into the art and science of content marketing execution for both B2B and B2C businesses. 
SEO Pathway

Search Engine Optimisation

At the end of this learning pathway, you will be equipped with the knowledge and skills of how to optimise your website for search engines.
DA Pathway

Digital Advertising

Gain a comprehensive understanding of digital advertising channels and how you can reach and convert targeted audiences through this learning pathway.
SMM Pathway

Social Media Marketing

Explore the world of social media and be able to launch effective social media marketing campaigns in this learning pathway.
DMA Pathway

Digital Marketing Analytics

This learning pathway will allow you to make sense of the website data you measure on Google Analytics and transform that data into actionable insights.
FBA Pathway

Facebook Marketing and Advertising

Leverage Facebook for your business and learn how to launch Facebook marketing and advertising campaigns that get your audience to take action.
Google Ads Pathway

Google Ads Search & Display

Learn how you can use Google Ads to create targeted ads for each stage of your digital marketing funnel in this learning pathway. 
WP Pathway

WordPress Website Creation

This learning pathway will allow you to master using WordPress, so that you will be able to build your own stunning website from scratch without having to write a single line of code.

    Why Learn With Us?

    Level up your digital marketing knowledge and skills with Equinet’s TAIA™ learning design methodology.

    Theory (Acquire Knowledge)
    Self-paced structured and bite-sized e-learning
    Assessment (Assess Competency)
    Take quizzes, exams, and attain certifications
    Implementation (Take Action)
    Apply learning through actionable toolkits (guides, templates, checklists)
    Advice (Get Feedback)
    Equinet Academy Insider community, Ask Me Anything sessions with industry experts
    Our Learning Methodology


    Diana Hoo Wi Ming

    “Equinet is able to deliver an effective well-structured training programme which provide value-added services such as the course resource libraries and ask me anything sessions.”

    – Diana Hoo Wei Ming,
    Malaysia Dairy Industries

    Alia Fatin

    “The courses are very comprehensive and provides actionable tips that can be applied immediately.”

    – Alia Fatin Binte Abdullah,

    Julie Kwek

    “Equinet Academy courses provided are very relevant to the current market trends.”

    – Kwek Joo Li Julie,
    Elevel Sports HQ

    FAQ Section

    Questions? Check out some frequently asked questions below.
    What exactly is a learning pathway?
    A learning pathway is a route objectively designed to enable a learner to achieve a set of learning outcomes.
    The learning pathways here at Equinet include online courses (e-learning), course resources (slides, worksheets, etc.), toolkits (guides, templates, checklists, tutorials), and expert advice (Ask Me Anything sessions).
    Which learning pathway should I begin with?

    If you’re new to digital marketing, you should start with the Digital Marketing Essentials learning pathway. Otherwise, you may choose any learning pathway to begin with.

    How long will I take to complete all learning pathways?
    This depends on your schedule and what your work requirements are. We recommend that you first set your focus on the core learning pathways and fully utilise all resources available to you, especially the toolkits and expert advice.

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