Facebook Page Best Practices Checklist

What’s in this checklist?

Facebook, the world’s biggest social media platform, has become a crucial tool for businesses to expand their marketing efforts and build substantial awareness around their brand. There are millions of businesses already using Facebook to market their products and services and it is definitely a necessary social media marketing tool in this day and age.

The platform has implemented many features over the years that help businesses promote themselves. The most basic feature is the Facebook Business page feature which allows any brand or company to create a page where users can receive information, content, and interact with the brand. 

However, there are many aspects within a Facebook Business Page that may be confusing to navigate if you lack the relevant experience.  

There are various ways to go about sustaining a successful Facebook page but there are a few basic requirements that all pages should follow. In this checklist, we go through all the basics that you need for your Facebook Business page to thrive.


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Facebook Page Best Practices Checklist
Optimise Your Facebook Business Page by Following This Comprehensive Checklist