WordPress Website Creation Online Course (With Certificate)

Learn How to Create Stunning WordPress Websites – Without Writing a Single Line of Code

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About This Course

WordPress is used by more than 40% of all websites. Some notable companies that use WordPress to power their websites include Sony, General Motors (GM), United Parcel Service (UPS), and international news sites such as CNN, Forbes, and the New York Times. The best part about using WordPress to create your website is that you don’t have to write a single line of code to create a stunning WordPress website from scratch.

  • In this WordPress Website Creation online course, an award-winning web designer will teach you the technical aspects of how to create, customise, maintain and manage a modern-looking, professional WordPress (corporate and e-commerce) website from scratch
  • Get hands-on experience in creating a modern WordPress website from scratch by using an individual demo domain and web hosting account which will be provided for you
  • Discover modern web design concepts to create a distinguished WordPress website that will pique the interest of your site visitors and encourage them to take valuable actions on your website
  • Get full access to video tutorials and a full spectrum of support after the course– so that you can always get the assistance you need to maintain and manage your website
  • This WordPress Website Creation online course is packaged into digestible, bite-sized lessons to make learning more effective

    What You’ll Take Away

    After learning from a seasoned web design expert, you’ll leave with a firm understanding of:

    • The basic web design requirements to create a simple, professional, and modern-looking WordPress website from scratch
    • How to maintain and properly manage a WordPress website, including how to backup, secure, and diagnose any potential issues
    • How to set up an e-commerce online store with WordPress
    • What needs to be included in a detailed WordPress design documentation
    • How to install a WordPress theme and use a drag-and-drop page builder to create a landing page that engages users and increases conversions
    • How to create pillar pages and organise them into a main navigation menu
    • The differences between child themes versus parent themes and the advantages and disadvantages of free themes and plugins versus premium themes and plugins
    • How to install appropriate, recommended, and popular WordPress plugins to enhance WordPress website functionality and user experience (UX)
    • How to assess overall WordPress website functionality and determine a plan of action to resolve any potential issues
    • Tools that test whether a website’s page speed/loading time is optimal, whether the website is mobile-friendly, and whether there are any indicators of plugin conflicts/issues
    • Basic on-page search engine optimisation (SEO) to improve a website’s search engine rankings
    • And much more

    Candidates who demonstrate competency in the WordPress Website Creation online course will be awarded a Certification of Achievement by Equinet.

    Course Outline

    Essentials of Creating a WordPress Website
    • Introduction
    • Why You Need a Website
    • The 3 Essentials of Web Design
    • What is a Content Management System?
    • Domains
    • Web Hosts
    • What is a CDN?
    • CPanel Demo
    • Installing WordPress
    Designing and Building the Core Pillars of your WordPress Website
    • Posts Vs Pages
    • Creating New Posts in WordPress
    • What are Plugins?
    • Installing Plugins through WordPress
    • WordPress Themes
    • Installing WordPress Themes
    • Website Planning
    • Website Planning Part 2
    • Creating Pages and Navigation & Footer
    • Building a Webpage
    • Using Images on WordPress
    Enhancing Your Website
    • Troubleshooting on WordPress
    • Speed Optimisation
    • Mobile-Friendly Test
    • Creating Documentation for Your Website
    • E-Commerce
    • Basics of SEO
    • Security, Maintenance, and Backups

    Course Instructor

    Learn from experienced trainers who are experts in their fields in digital marketing.

    Chan Teck Seng

    Teck Seng is the founder of Lemonade, an award-winning Singaporean creative design agency specialising in web design and development. With more than 15 years of experience, his team has worked on web development projects spanning the South East Asian region.


    “I am glad I took this Website creation course and gain the useful steps and good understanding of how to create a page from scratch or even download from Divi Premade Layout.”

    – Cheryl Tan

    “I highly recommend this course to anyone looking to gain real-world knowledge and practical skills on how to leverage Facebook marketing and advertising for their organisation. The trainer was friendly, highly knowledgeable, very experienced (including real-life industry application experience) and made learning fun for all.”

    – Desmond Ngo Lip Chean

    “Overall I’m happy with the course, I have learnt so much and it has answered many of my doubts that I had before the course. This has given me alot if insights into web development from the bottom up. It is easy to understand and materials are very professionally and well-prepared. The classes are done in an organized manner which makes the whole process of learning very easy to absorb.”

    – Yasmin Kassim

    Is This For You?

    • This WordPress Website Creation online course is for anyone who wants to learn how to create, customise, and maintain a WordPress website
    • Marketing Managers/Executives, Solopreneurs, Graphic Designers, Content Developers, Web Developers, Administrative Staff, and individuals seeking a career that would require them to know website creation or manage a WordPress website would especially benefit from this WordPress Website Creation online course

    WordPress Website Creation Course

    Learn How to Create Stunning WordPress Websites – Without Writing a Single Line of Code

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