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About This Course

According to DataReportal, Facebook remains the most commonly used social media platform globally, with 2.9 billion monthly users as of 2022. With the vast majority of active social media users in the world on Facebook, there’s no doubt brands need to enhance their presence on this social network giant– their marketing and advertising campaigns on the platform need to be a cut above the rest to grab attention and spark action.

This Facebook Marketing and Advertising course will enable you to:

  • Gain actionable insight on how to develop a top-notch Facebook marketing strategy
  • Launch compelling Facebook marketing campaigns that drive leads/increase brand awareness
  • Develop confidence in creating and managing Facebook marketing campaigns by learning how to implement them hands-on, and by learning from a mix of real-world case studies, and participating in fruitful group work/discussions as well.
  • Review and optimise your marketing and advertising performance on the platform to achieve better results
  • This course is packaged into digestible, bite-sized lessons to make learning more effective

    What You’ll Take Away

    After learning from a seasoned Facebook marketing and advertising expert, you’ll leave with a firm understanding of:

    • How to develop a Facebook Marketing Strategy and align it to business objectives and KPIs
    • How to create a Facebook Page and interpret Facebook Page insights reports
    • How to utilise Facebook marketing channels such as Groups, Offers, Events, and Marketplace to market a business’s products and services for free
    • How to utilise Facebook Audience Insights to better understand your potential customers and build powerful, relevant marketing audiences for ad targeting campaigns to produce positive ROI
    • How to create and define custom audiences, lookalike audiences, and build core audiences with the Facebook Audience creation tool for better ad targeting
    • How to select various Facebook Advertising objectives (brand awareness, reach, traffic, lead generation, conversion) while ensuring that they align to the marketing objectives (something many marketers get wrong), and their impact on the Ad Set deliverables (Sponsored Newsfeed, Instagram, and Audience Network)
    • How to create multiple Facebook Advertising campaigns, define Ad set variables (bidding & budget audience targeting, location), and design a Facebook ad creative (Video, Carousel, Single Image ads) with step-by-step instructions and guidance
    • How to set up a Facebook pixel to measure, optimise, and build custom audiences for advertising campaigns (e.g. retargeting)
    • How to set up your own custom conversions via the Facebook pixel, and how to optimise and receive the custom conversions data from Facebook
    • Facebook Marketing Analytics: What to measure, how to analyse reports, and what to do with the insights
    • How to interpret and understand the data from Facebook Ads Manager and make recommendations to optimise campaign performance
    • How to deploy A/B testing strategies and implement continuous optimisation
    • How to develop and implement Facebook ad retargeting strategies
    • Industry best practices in writing attractive ad copy, designing visually-captivating creatives, and delivering compelling promotions

    Candidates who demonstrate competency in the Facebook Marketing and Advertising course will be awarded a Certification of Achievement by Equinet.

    Course Outline

    The Foundations of Facebook
    • Introduction to Facebook
    • Facebook Ads & Pages
    • Creating Facebook Posts
    • Facebook Page Insights 
    • Facebook Offers
    • Facebook Page Events 
    • Facebook Marketplace 
    • Facebook Groups
    • The 3 Different Audiences
    • BAP Framework
    Advertising on Facebook
    • Facebook Business Manager 
    • Setting up an Advertising Account 
    • What is Facebook Pixel?
    • How to Create and Install Facebook Pixel
    • Advertising on Facebook
    • Prospecting vs. Remarketing
    • Launching a Facebook Advertisement (Prospecting) 
    Optimising Your Ad Campaigns
    • Remarketing Campaign – Custom Audiences 
    • Prospecting Campaigns – Lookalike Audience 
    • Setting Up Conversion Campaigns 
    • Understanding Intent
    • Creatives Overview
    • Anatomy of a Well-Performing Creative
    • Anatomy of a Well-Performing Creative (Hook and Entice)
    • How to Improve Your Creatives
    • Ad Performance

    Course Instructor

     Learn from experienced trainers who are experts in their fields in digital marketing.
    John Tay

    John is the co-founder and Managing Director of Secret Hideout, a creative marketing agency based in Singapore. He has worked with clients such as SBS Transit, SITEC, MRM McCann, and CISCO Security.


    “The course was very comprehensive, with a highly detailed guide. It also offers great resources, along with a great instructor.”

    – Valerie Ng, MCCY

    “The course is very enriching with hands-on experience and definitely gives me a better understanding on Facebook Advertising.”

    – Angela Choo Peng Peng, ALJ Singapore Pte. Ltd

    “This course is very specific and drills into the technical parts of Facebook marketing which I am unable to self learn. its a good balance of applicable knowledge as well as technical know how.”

    – Denise Lim

    Is This For You?

    • This Facebook Marketing and Advertising course is for anyone who is looking to understand the ins and outs of marketing and advertising on one of the most popular social networks in the world to reach their target audiences like never before.
    • Marketing Managers/Executives, Business Owners, and individuals seeking a career that would require them to have an understanding of Facebook marketing and advertising would especially benefit from this Facebook Marketing and Advertising course

    Facebook and Instagram Marketing Course

    Create Impactful Facebook Marketing and Advertising Campaigns & Improve Your ROI

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