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About This Course

Connect with your audience through the medium of emails — a digital marketing channel with the highest ROI. In this course, uncover the power of email marketing and nurture your leads effectively.

  • In this course, understand the importance of utilising emails in your digital marketing strategy
  • Learn how to develop a comprehensive email marketing strategy to nurture leads and build an audience
  • Learn all about email marketing automation and how it can streamline the process for you
  • Leave with a strong skill set that you can start applying immediately for your own business

What You’ll Take Away

After learning from a Email Marketing industry expert, you’ll leave with a firm understanding of:

  • Why Email Marketing is important and how it can benefit your business
  • How to choose the right Email Marketing software provider
  • How to create and utilise Customer Personas in your email marketing campaigns
  • How to determine objectives for your Email Marketing campaigns
  • How to build and grow a valuable, high-quality Email List
  • The different types of Emails you can create for your campaigns
  • How to develop a comprehensive and effective Email Marketing campaign in five stages (Planning, Creative, Content, Testing, Publish, Measuring Performance)
  • Email Marketing Performance Metrics and how to optimise them in your campaigns
  • What Marketing Automation is and how it can help your Email Marketing Efforts
  • How to conduct Marketing Automation through Drip Campaigns and the different Triggers
  • How to improve your Email Marketing campaign performance

    Candidates who demonstrate competency in the Email Marketing course will be awarded a Certification of Achievement by Equinet.

    Course Outline

    Introduction to Email Marketing and Marketing Automation
    • Introduction to Email Marketing

    • What is Email Marketing and Why is it Important?

    Basic Foundations of Email Marketing
    • The Key Benefits of Email Marketing

    • Choosing your Email Marketing Software Provider

    • Mailchimp 

    • Customer Personas

    • Email Marketing Campaign Objectives

    • Email Marketing Performance Metrics

    Build and Grow an Email List
    • What is an Email List?

    • How to Build Your Email List (Opt-in and Lead Magnets)

    • How to Build Your Email List (Landing Page and Paid Ads)

    Develop your Messaging and Communication Structure
    • Types of Emails
    Develop your Email Marketing Strategy
    • Phase 1 (Planning)

    • Subject Lines

    • Phase 2 (Creative)

    • Phases 3, 4, 5, 6 (Content, Testing, Publish, Measuring Performance)

    Basic Email Marketing Analytics and Optimisation
    • Email Marketing Performance Metrics

    • How to Improve Your Performance Metrics

    • Introduction to Segmentation

    Lifecycle Marketing and Marketing Automation
    • Customer Lifetime Value

    • What is Lifecycle Marketing?

    • What is Marketing Automation?

    • Benefits of Marketing Automation

    • Applying Marketing Automation to your Business

    • Marketing Automation Best Practices

    Automation with Drip Campaigns
    • What is a Drip Campaign?

    • When to Use Drip Campaigns

    Automation with Triggers
    • Date-based Automations

    • Behaviour-based Automation

    Advanced Email Marketing Analytics and Optimisation
    • Ways to Improve Campaign Performance

    Course Instructor

     Learn from experienced trainers who are experts in their fields in digital marketing.
    Kwok Zhong Li

    Razy Shah

    Razy Shah is the co-founder of 2Stallions Digital Marketing Agency- an award-winning full-service agency. He co-founded 2Stallions in 2012 and has since grown it from an initial team of two to a company of thirty. Razy has over a decade of experience spanning across corporate sectors such as digital marketing, business development and management.


    Rachel Xie

    “An enjoyable course that has given me adequate grounding in email marketing and automation. Razy is a helpful and friendly trainer who is able to share his industry experience.”

    Low Jat Leng

    “The trainer, Razy personalised the course by giving examples catered to different industries, which is very useful for understanding and application. Course was short yet comprehensive enough to take immediate next actions on current practices.”

    Melissa Kweh

    Is This For You?

    • Marketing Executives, Marketing Managers, Content Marketing Strategists, and individuals who wish to understand how email marketing can be integrated into existing marketing campaigns to achieve the desired objectives

    • Marketers who want to develop comprehensive and effective email marketing campaigns to boost sales, customer engagement, and nurture customer relationships

    Email Marketing Online Course

    Learn How to Develop and Implement Effective Email Marketing Strategies

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    Become a digital marketing practitioner