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About This Course

  • In this course, delve into current digital marketing strategies, industry best-practices, frameworks, and proven methodologies practiced by industry experts
  • Understand how corporate companies, SMEs, and industry experts develop and execute tactical and sustainable digital marketing strategies and campaigns
  • Learn how to develop effective digital marketing strategies for B2B and B2C businesses through real-world case studies
  • This certification course is packaged into digestible, bite-sized lessons to make learning more effective

    What You’ll Take Away

    After learning from a digital marketing industry expert, you’ll leave with a firm understanding of:

    • The latest digital marketing concepts, trends and channel strategies in both B2B and B2C contexts
    • How to conduct competitive analysis and customer research using digital tools and strategic frameworks
    • The fundamentals of digital marketing channels like search, social and display, and the knowledge of how to strategically select the appropriate channels with a market strategy in place
    • How to define digital marketing objectives and KPIs, and align them to organisational goals
    • How to determine timelines for the execution of digital marketing campaigns as well as how to conduct budget allocation for the digital marketing channels in your campaigns
    • How to develop a digital marketing strategy and strategic action plans, as well as create roadmaps for campaign implementation to achieve business objectives such as brand awareness, customer engagement and sales
    • How to identify key digital marketing metrics to measure and how to review performance indicators
    • How to implement campaign tracking and interpret digital analytics reports
    • How to apply a continuous optimisation framework to significantly improve marketing efforts and business performance

    Candidates who demonstrate competency in the Digital Marketing Strategy course will be awarded a Certification of Achievement by Equinet.

    digital marketing strategy certificate of achievement

    Course Outline

    Digital Marketing to a Business Process
    • Defining digital marketing
    Derive KPIs and Metrics from Marketing Objectives
    • KPIs & Marketing Objectives
    • Common Metrics
    • Website Metrics
    • Action Metrics
    • Conversion, Conversion Rates & Metrics
    • Marketing Objectives, KPIs & Metrics
    Understand Customers, Market and Digital Landscape
    • 3 Pillars of a Digital Marketing Experience
    • Display & Video Advertising
    • Paid Search
    • On Page & Off Page SEO
    • Social Media Marketing
    • Online PR and Digital Partnerships
    • Email and Mobile Marketing
    • Creative Content
    • User Consideration Factors
    • User Journey
    • The 3Cs — Company & Competitors
    • The 3Cs — Customers
    Develop a Strategic Digital Marketing Plan
    • Introduction to Market and Digital Landscape Analysis
    • Action Plans & Proactive Chats
    • Cross-selling and Budget
    • Budget
    Setup and Implement Digital Marketing Campaigns
    • Campaign Briefs & Media Plan
    • Setting Up Google Analytics
    • Campaign URL Builder
    Evaluate & Optimise to Improve Business Performance
    • Google Analytics Reports (Realtime and Audience)
    • Google Analytics Reports (Acquisition & Behaviour)
    • Google Analytics Reports (Conversions & Optimisation Process)
    • Types of Testing Methods

    Course Instructor

     Learn from experienced trainers who are experts in their fields in digital marketing.
    Kwok Zhong Li

    Kwok Zhong Li

    Zhong Li is the founder of Mikangle, a digital transformation company that focuses on advisory, training, and investment. He is also the Co-founder and now Advisor of Finty, an online financial marketplace that was acquired by an Australian firm, 15 months after the company was launched.


    Rachel Xie

    “As a basic course on digital marketing, this gave good insight into how to plan and execute a digital marketing campaign and qualify its results. Am sure what I learnt will be put to good use in my scope of work.”

    – Rachel Xie, Fei Siong Group

    “The lessons were succinct yet insightful. I thoroughly enjoyed the perfect blend of theory along with real world practical case studies and scenarios which had enabled me to better grasp the concepts. Moreover, the timing and the flow of the lessons were just right.”

    – Bella Clarissa Jane

    “This course provided a very good overview of digital marketing and the types of frameworks, tools, and metrics required for a comprehensive strategy. With the deep dive of topics in the subsequent modules, I am confident in implementing a holistic digital marketing strategy for my organization.”

    – Magdelene Chua

    Is This For You?

    • Graduates of this course will gain a comprehensive understanding of the concept of digital marketing strategy, campaign development and implementation.
    • Marketing Professionals/Managers/Executives (PMEs), business owners, and individuals looking to enter the digital marketing industry will especially benefit from this structured certification course.

    Digital Marketing Strategy Course

    Redefine Your Digital Marketing Strategy

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