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How to Craft and Execute a Sustainable Content Marketing Plan

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About This Course

  • This digital content marketing online course balances the art and science of content marketing, and will help you better analyse your customers and competitors, embrace emerging trends in digital content creation, choose the right channels for promoting content, and measure the success of your content marketing efforts
  • Understand the key role content marketing plays in the overall marketing strategy of your business, and how it helps attract and retain a clearly defined audience and causes them to take profitable action
  • Discover the art and science of creating content that fosters engagement, interaction and builds a community with a tribal connectivity
  • Learn how to craft a content marketing plans for both B2B and B2C businesses from start to finish– from the creation of content, to its curation, distribution, and finally, optimisation across your Owned, Shared, Earned and Paid channels
  • This online course is packaged into digestible, bite-sized lessons to make learning more effective

    What You’ll Take Away

    After learning from a seasoned content marketing expert, you’ll leave with a firm understanding of:

    • The importance and key benefits of content marketing and the latest content marketing trends, as well as how those affect your approach to your digital content marketing
    • How to build a digital content marketing that guides your organisation and defines your core audience in order to align key topics that drive engagement and conversions
    • How to align content marketing strategies to business goals and marketing objectives
    • How to integrate content marketing strategies into your existing marketing strategies in order to generate quality leads and boost conversion rates
    • How to apply the ‘7 Content Marketing Principles’ to your content marketing strategies to drive successful content marketing campaigns in both B2B and B2C organisations
    • How to develop a content creation, curation, and distribution plan across Owned, Shared, Earned and Paid channels
    • How to create an integrated buyer’s journey for your target audience that maps out the right and relevant content that answers their prospective questions, engages them, and causes them to convert
    • How to identify the right content metrics to measure and KPIs to achieve for your content marketing campaigns across your buyer’s journey
    • How content can be organised through the hero-hub-hygiene model and distributed via the hub-and-spoke approach in order to be curated and repurposed across different formats and channels

    Candidates who demonstrate competency in the Digital Content Marketing Online Course will be awarded a Certification of Achievement by Equinet.

    Course Outline

    Introduction to Content Marketing Fundamentals
    • What is Content (Introduction)
    • Content Creation vs. Curation
    • Content Curation Criteria and Tips
    • Essential Attributes of a Successful Content Marketing Strategy
    • 7 Essential Attributes of Effective Content
    • The 7 Principles of Effective Content Marketing Strategy
    • The 4D (Design, Develop, Deploy, Decode) Stages Of a Content Marketing Strategy
    • The Content Marketing Funnel
    Content Planning (Design)
    • Customer Persona
    • Developing a Persona
    • Empathy Maps
    • Micro Moments
    • Storytelling
    • Emotional Storytelling
    • 5 Ps Storytelling Structure
    Content Creation (Develop)
    • Intro to the World of Content Marketing
    • Content Formats
    • How to Select Content Criteria
    • What are the Four Content Purposes?
    • Business and Content Marketing Goals
    • Keywords
    • Headlines
    • Headlines Scoring Assessment Tools
    • Content Topics Generators
    • Content Marketing Mission Statement
    • How to Fill Up a Content Brief
    • Content Creation Guidelines
    Content Distribution (Deploy)
    • Owned Shared Earned Paid Channels
    • Annual Content Calendars
    • 30 Days Content Schedule
    • Identify the Right Distribution Channels and Partners
    Content Measurement (Decode)
    • Metrics vs. KPIs
    • Content Marketing Metrics
    • How to Set Content Marketing Metrics Across the Funnel
    • How to Set and Apply Content Marketing Metrics in a Campaign

    Course Instructor

     Learn from experienced trainers who are experts in their fields in digital marketing.
    Tom Goh

    Tom Goh

    Thomas is a native Digital and Branding Strategist. He is a digital marketer with more than 20 years of client experience across Banking (Citibank), Tech (Skype), Telcos (Singtel) and agency background (Ogilvy & Havas). Tom is a seasoned integrated marketer with experiences in Digital Marketing domains (SEO, Content, Social, Programmatic, Performance & Mobile Marketing).


    “The content marketing class was a useful refresher course that supplemented my work as a content marketer. I would highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to learn more about what content marketing entails, or get some actionable frameworks to the content marketing work they do in their own organisation.”

    – Annie Teh, WSG

    “The training materials organized & presented in easy to digest bullet points, with combination of images & text.”

    – Ong Ah Keow

    “The course gave me very good insight to start or to modify how I do my strategy in the future. Instructor is experienced and provide very valuable resources and online tools.”

    – Chiara Iskandar, Narrators

    Is This For You?

    • Graduates of this online course will gain a comprehensive understanding of how to craft an impactful content marketing plan and generate better outcomes from content marketing efforts
    • Vice Presidents, Directors, Managers and Executives in the Marketing and Public Relations Industries, Content Marketing Specialists, Content Strategists, individuals seeking a career which requires them to have a grasp of content marketing, Business Owners and Entrepreneurs will especially benefit from this structured online course

    Digital Content Marketing Course

    How to Craft and Execute a Sustainable Content Marketing Plan

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