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About This Course

As of 2022, globally, people spend close to seven hours a day using the internet across digital devices (DataReportal). The digital disruption has led to great competition for attention, which is why brands need to adopt a customer-focused digital advertising strategy to cut through the noise and stay relevant. In this digital advertising course, you’ll discover:

  • How each digital advertising channel functions and performs, without having to do any guesswork
  • How to increase your reach on platforms your customers spend a significant amount of their time on– mobile, tablet and desktop
  • How to reach a targeted audience and effectively deliver timely and relevant marketing messages to achieve marketing and business objectives
  • How to showcase your ads to relevant customers at appropriate stages of the buyer’s journey, increasing the likelihood of driving conversions
  • How to use a well-developed and well-targeted digital advertising campaign to significantly improve brand recall, drive brand awareness, and increase interaction by consistently displaying your ads to your target audience
  • How to amplify the synergy between both online and offline channels to deliver a consistent omni-channel customer experience
  • This digital advertising course is packaged into digestible, bite-sized lessons to make learning more effective

    What You’ll Take Away

    After learning from a seasoned digital advertising expert, you’ll leave with a firm understanding of:

    • How digital advertising plays a role in the marketing ecosystem and customer journey
    • How to identify digital advertising campaigns, channels and platforms that are best suited to market your product/ service offering
    • How to leverage the strengths of traditional and digital marketing channels, and apply best practices of integrating both traditional and digital marketing efforts for a winning omni-channel approach
    • How to develop and execute a holistic digital advertising campaign, and appropriately critique key performance metrics to optimise and ensure your campaign objectives are met
    • How to analyse consumer behaviour and their buying journey to uncover planning considerations for the marketing mix, as well as set up measurement and reporting tools to evaluate performance of the marketing mix against business results
    • How to objectively plan, implement and measure your media effectiveness across various digital advertising channels to achieve business and marketing objectives
    • How to navigate and manage internal and external business stakeholders in a strategic manner

    Candidates who demonstrate competency in the Digital Advertising Online Course will be awarded a Certification of Achievement by Equinet.

    Course Outline

    Introduction to Digital Advertising
    • Introduction to Digital Advertising
    • Banner Ads and Pop-up Ads
    • Arrival of Search Ads
    • Pros and Cons of Digital Advertising – Ability to Track Speed
    • Pros and Cons of Digital Advertising – Ability to Target Competitive Landscape
    Understanding Digital Advertising Channels
    • Digital Advertising Channels
    • More on Digital Advertising Channels
    • Keyword Match Types
    • Google Display Ads
    • LinkedIn Ads
    • Display Ad Formats
    • Ad Fraud
    • Brand Reputation and Safety
    Planning Customer Journey
    • Introduction to Planning the Customer Journey
    • Advanced Google Search Operators and Google Trends
    • Conducting Customer Research & Market Analysis
    • Conducting Customer Research and 4 Stages of Customer Journey
    • Case Study #1 – LinkedIn (See Stage)
    • Case Study #1 – LinkedIn (Think Stage)
    • Case Study #1 – LinkedIn (Do Stage)
    • Case Study #2 – Secret Lab (See Stage)
    • Case Study #2 – Secret Lab (Think Stage)
    • Case Study #2 – Secret Lab (Do Stage)
    • Media Plan Template
    • Funnelytics Demo
    • Digital Advertising Planning Framework + Copywriting Tips
    Developing a Digital Advertising Plan
    • Common Metrics in Digital Advertising (Part 1)
    • Common Metrics in Digital Advertising (Part 2)
    • Common Metrics in Digital Advertising (Part 3)
    • Metrics vs KPIs
    • Google Ads Campaign Setup (Part 1)
    • Google Ads Campaign Setup (Part 2)
    • Google Ads Campaign Setup (Part 3)
    Metrics, Tracking & Reporting
    • Tracking and Reporting
    • Common Metrics to Optimise
    • Real Case Scenarios
    Offline & Digital Marketing
    • Offline and Digital Marketing

    Course Instructor

     Learn from experienced trainers who are experts in their fields in digital marketing. 
    Roy Wee

    Shaun Lee

    Shaun comes from a rich background of B2B sales, social media marketing, demand generation, marketing operations and marketing strategy. Playing a key role in previous marketing agencies, Shaun had the opportunity to consult top brands like Grab, Oracle, Microsoft, Salesforce, NUS (and more) with their online marketing & go-to market strategy.


    Tan Han Chung

    “I highly appreciate the teaching method and the contents prepared. Really went from the bottom up, from definition of the basics, its functionalities, and concrete examples. As a newbie in the field of marketing especially digital marketing, I am able to digest and learn. And this way it widens up my competencies and confidence in digital marketing field, giving me more confidence to consider should I one day choose to switch my career profession.”

    – Tan Han Chung, Waterwell Engineering Pte. Ltd.

    “I found the course to be a good blend of theory & practice to equip one to use what is taught, while giving enough exposure to other resources to learn more.”

    – Neelesh Suryavanshee, Unilever

    “With little to no knowledge of digital advertising, this module has given very good insights into the platforms and tools. The hands-on practice is very useful in helping me understanding the process, features and functionalities. ”

    – Din, MINDS

    Is This For You?

    • Graduates of this digital advertising course will gain a firm understanding of how to oversee and manage successful digital advertising campaigns
    • Marketing Managers/Executives, Business Owners and individuals seeking a career that would require them to have an understanding of digital advertising would especially benefit from this digital advertising course

    Digital Advertising Course

    Learn How to Develop and Run Successful Digital Advertising Campaigns

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