Copywriting and Content Writing Online Course (With Certificate)

How to Write Engaging Content and Get Your Audience to Take Action

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About This Course

Write copy that sells. Write content that captivates. Hook your readers and turn them into a engaged audience, ready to take action. 

This dynamic course breaks down all the elements required to become an expert writer who crafts compelling copy and content. 

  • In this course, learn all about the power your words hold and how to wield it to convince readers to take action.
  • Understand how to apply the different approaches to writing in your content and copy
  • Understand how to write appropriately for different media
  • Learn how to harness psychological principles in your writing
  • Create content and copy that is engaging, original, and creative

What You’ll Take Away

After learning from a Copywriting and Content Writing industry expert, you’ll leave with a firm understanding of:

  • The importance of writing engaging content and copy 
  • How to communicate with your audience clearly and effectively, in an original and creative manner
  • The different approaches to writing and how to combine them for optimal results
  • The best practices for writing effective content and copy
  • How to write for various forms of media, including Social Media, Blogs, and Youtube
  • The importance of including Keywords and how to conduct Keyword Research 
  • How to apply psychological principles, such as persuasive writing, to improve your content and copy and convince readers to take action
  • How to engage with Emotions and Humour in your writing to hook readers
  • How to analyse and measure Writing Outcomes

Candidates who demonstrate competency in the Copywriting and Content Writing course will be awarded a Certification of Achievement by Equinet.

Course Outline

About Us Is Not About You
  • Can Words Make Or Break Your Brand?
  • Writing Foundation
  • Being Clear About You: Proposition and Propositioning
  • Brand Names
  • Positioning: Taglines and Slogans
  • Marketing Strategy: The Five C’s
  • It’s Not About You
Writing Content vs Writing Copy
  • Content Marketing
  • Content Marketing VS Advertising
  • Copywriting & Content Writing
  • Words, Rarely in Isolation
  • Don’t Tell Me It’s From That Show
  • Content
  • Effective Blog, Ad, and Landing Page Copy
The 6 Key Approaches to Writing
  • Writing Approaches
  • Copywriting Tips
  • Headline Tips
  • Exercise: Write and Test Your Headlines
  • The Hook
  • The Body Copy
  • The Call To Action
  • Addressing Objections
Writing For Various Media
  • Keywords
  • Keyword Research
  • Pillar Pages & Topic Clusters
  • Writing For The Website
  • Website Blog Post VS Social Media Post
  • Writing for Mobile VS Desktop
  • Writing for Social Media
  • Hashtags to Get Your Content Found
  • Including Hyperlinks to Other Websites
  • Engage Beyond the Post
  • Youtube Videos
  • Email Newsletters & Instant Messaging
Psychology & How to Improve Your Writing
  • Persuasive Writing
  • The Science of Persuasion
  • The Science of Pre-Suasion
  • The Ethics of Persuasion
  • Power Words
  • Engage Emotions
  • Engage with Humour
  • Writing the Way We Speak
  • Cliches
  • Jargon, Abbreviations, and Acronyms
  • House Styles
  • Paraphrasing & Editing
  • Free Tools and Resources
Writing With The End In Mind & Beyond
  • Keeping Organisational Goals in Mind
  • Analysing and Measuring Writing Outcomes
  • Repurpose Existing Content
  • Where to Look for New Ideas

Course Instructor

 Learn from experienced trainers who are experts in their fields in digital marketing.
Kwok Zhong Li

Chris Minjoot

Chris is a senior Marketing & Communications professional with over 28 years’ experience as both an inhouse practitioner and as a consultant servicing clients from a wide range of industries. He possesses the unique combination of strategic, creative, technical and writing skills critical for today’s integrated marketing needs.


Rachel Xie

“This course provides actionable tips, is affordable and also offers post-course training support. It is good that we were not introduced to too many different online writing tools. The tips on approaches (e.g. benefits over features) and how to write effective CTAs, headlines etc. were very useful.”

Priscilla Goy, SG Enable

The class is engaging and informative. I am able to identify areas to improve and also to implement what I have learnt in this course to my work.

– Zuo Zhuo

I enjoyed the course and gained knowledge of tools that will be helpful for my writing. Great session that was engaging and productive.

– Jasmine Quek

Is This For You?

  • Marketing Practitioners, Content Marketing Specialists, Social Media Managers, Bloggers, Vloggers, Copywriters, Business Owners, and anyone who wants to be equipped with exceptional writing skills will benefit greatly from completing this course.

Copywriting and Content Writing Online Course

How to Write Engaging Content and Get Your Audience to Take Action

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Become a digital marketing practitioner