Digital Content Creation Post-Training Mentoring Session Registration

This 2-hour Post-Training Support Includes:

  1. A recap session of what was covered in the course
  2. Live Question and Answer session with a Subject Matter Expert (SME)
  3. Live Case Studies shared by the SME and/or trainees with consultation provided


By the end of the session, trainees should be able to:

  • Re-affirm understanding of concepts taught through live case studies and consultation with Subject Matter Expert
  • Clarify any doubts on frameworks, processes, and strategies
  • Close any gaps in terms of knowledge and skills acquired during the previous training session

*In response to the COVID-19 social distancing efforts, Equinet Academy will be converting face to face AMA sessions to online-based classroom mode until further notice.*

AMA Session Registration - Digital Content Creation

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Corporate Clients

Mr Wong Kuek Siong

“The Ask Me Anything session discussed strategies to elevate participants’ corporate web sites to the top ranks of Google’s organic search results. These are real challenges faced by participants who included owners of a 24-hour halal restaurant, and a specialised pet photography studio. The session reinforced insights shared at Dylan’s SEO course, which is skills-base and insightful towards formulating a digital marketing strategy.”

Ms Christina Chua

“Due to the poor account management from our previous SEM service provider, our Google Adwords account was a mess! After attending the SEM course, I’ve managed to clean up and organize our Google Adwords account, which has since allowed us to receive quality leads! Dylan has also been very helpful with providing me with suggestions to manage our account after the course.”

Stream Peak International

Mr Ken Tay “In April and May, my Google Ads cost the same but leads only averaged about 5-8 per month. After your help, with the same Budget, I got double the number of clicks and more than 40 leads in June alone.”

Mr Clement Chew

“Thanks for the tutorial. My Facebook ad is running perfect. The 2nd Ad Set we created reaps good results. I’m getting 3 times more leads.”