6-Part Digital Marketing Strategy Plan Template

What’s in this template?

To work on this template, you will need to retrieve digital marketing analytics data from an established company who has been running digital marketing campaigns for at least one year.

There are 6 sections in this digital marketing strategic plan:

  1. Executive summary
  2. Digital marketing audit
  3. Market research and analysis
  4. Marketing objectives and KPIs
  5. Digital marketing campaign plans
  6. Digital marketing analytics and optimisation plan

The executive summary is to be completed after sections 2 – 6 have been completed. In section 5, select at least 2 digital marketing channels to develop campaign plans on. 

Estimated time to complete: ~ 1 – 3 months



Digital Marketing Strategy Learning Pathway

6-Part Digital Marketing Strategy Plan Template

Use This Template to Create Your Very Own Digital Marketing Strategic Plan Based on Real-World Data